The Meanderings of a Mammal



We all set ourselves challenges in life. When it comes to health and fitness that might mean a weight target, or it might mean fitting into those clothes or it might mean hitting speeds, times or distances.

When I started this it was to run for 30 minutes continuously, something that took me three months to achieve. That became fitting a five kilometre distance into that 30 minutes, then running for 10 kilometres. At the moment its getting my 10km time consistently below 60 minutes. My best distance is 17km at the moment.

I used to be concerned about my weight, but reasonably quickly realised that eating within my calorie goals and training would get the weight off while seeing progress in other ways. I now weigh myself infrequently, as its not a meaningful metric for me.

So I’m racing in about six weeks time, a local 10km trail run. I haven’t tested the route yet so don’t know if my target time is realistic. Its hilly, which slows things down. But what’s after that?

Living in Hampshire, there are a number of long distance trails. So I’m considering splitting one of those up and running the length, 70km, over three days.  The Test Way. I’ll probably split that over two or three weekends as its just over three half marathons.

In current circumstances its achievable, so time to start planning it…